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Trees planted in memory of Abbeydale Grange School will also help the environment.


About twenty years ago, a group of pupils from Abbeydale Grange went into Spring

Wood above the school and gathered tree seeds. They sowed and nurtured them, then

planted the young trees to make a small patch of woodland on the corner of Hastings

Road and Abbeydale Road, where once there was a wartime meat-store. Since the

school was closed and demolished this wood is one of the few tangible reminders that it

was there.

This weekend [15/16th March], people from the local community fulfilled a long-held

ambition to extend the wood along the front of the site by Abbeydale Road. With the

support and permission of Council officers, they planted over four hundred baby trees

which had been given to them by the Woodland Trust, as part of the Jubilee Forest

project sponsored by Sainsbury’s, IKEA and Biffa.

For more information please see attached.  SWPkTrees PressRelease



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