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Are you finding football, cricket or other sports too difficult to play any more and would like to join in something less strenuous. Well crown green bowls is a game for all ages and abilities and helps generate co-operation and friendship between old and young. It is a game that anyone from 8 to 98, male or female, can enjoy and play together. It also offers you a chance to get gentle exercise outdoors in the fresh air.

We are encouraging people to take up the game and extending our efforts, already being offered to schools, to anyone interested in order to increase membership of our bowling clubs. We obviously lose older members to the game each year for various reasons (i.e. disability to carry on, ill health and sadly death). In recent years there has also been a decline at the junior end of the game so any youngsters or schools who maybe interested are encouraged to contact their local club.

Every club has a good social side and for those with a more competitive nature, men’s, ladies, veterans and mixed leagues and competitions are organised by the local associations with a junior league on Saturday mornings.

Special wheelchairs for use on bowling greens are now available and it is with the help of the Greenhill Bowling Club that people with various disabilities will be able to enjoy a game. If you are disabled and would like to try the game give the Secretary listed below a call and arrange a visit.

Coaching has become an integral part of our game and many members have taken steps to become coaches, therefore new members would not only be welcomed by clubs but also get the correct support and encouragement to take up the game. Coaching not only helps new members but also people with disabilities.

It is probably one of the cheapest sports to enjoy and equipment to play is available at most venues.

How much does it cost ?

Adults are charged £2.50 and Juniors £1. However if you join the local club it would probably work out at less than £2.00 pound a week for the summer season and you can play as many times as you wish.



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