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Passport to Play & Steps to Excellence

Passport to Play

 This course is aimed at parents, carers and childminders and will raise their awareness as to why children and young

people play in the ways they do. This will enable and equip them to develop fun play spaces, and to create an play

environment for positive behaviour which supports confidence building and raises the child/young persons self-esteem.

The course consists of 5 x 2hour taught practical workshops.

Session 1: Guide to Play

Session 2: Guide to positive Behaviour.

Session 3: Guide to confidence building & raising self– esteem.

Session 4: Lose parts and inclusion.

Session 5: Safety and Risk.

For more information please see attached poster Passport to Play Course


Steps to Excellence

STEPS confronts the beliefs that limit achievement…….

The programme helps individuals move

beyond where they have become stuck to more fulfilling and successful lives.

Participants in STEPS programmes regularly report the following changes:

· Raised confidence and self esteem

· Increased willingness to try new things

· Improved personal relationships

· A feeling of using more of their potential

· More openness to change

· Being more confident as parents

· Taking greater accountability for their lives

For more information please see attached STEPS at LBJ# Poster



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