Posted by: southadmin | 15/02/2013

Heeley City Farm

Butterup's calf 01

Heeley City Farm in Sheffield has welcomed its first new arrival of 2013. Buttercup, one the Farm’s Jersey cows, starting calving on Monday at tea time just as staff and students were getting ready to go home. Buttercup’s calf, a Jersey and Northern Dairy Shorthorn cross, didn’t hang about before making its first appearance and by 7pm Buttercup was a first time Mum to a girl, or heifer, calf.

‘It was a really quick, easy birth – everything went to plan and we didn’t have to intervene much, which was a relief, and the calf didn’t take long to find her feet and start feeding from her Mum’ said Philip Ridsdale one of the animal/youth workers at the City Farm.

‘We won’t be keeping her in the long term as we don’t have the room for more than 2 cows, but she’ll be here for a while yet so people have plenty of time to come and visit.’

The calf doesn’t yet have an official name but the students who study animal care at the Farm are thinking of calling her Rowan to continue with the theme of native wild plants and trees that the other animals have been named after.

If you want to come and visit Buttercup and her calf the Farm is open from 10am to 4pm for visits to see the animals, 7 days a week.

 For further information on this press release please contact Sarah Hardy, communications and events co-ordinator on 0114 2580482, mobile 07903230266 (out of hours) or email




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