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Lowedges – Community Assembly South

Lowedges – Community Assembly South

New 20 MPH speed limits for Lowedges

We want to reduce the speed limit to 20mph from 30mphin Lowedges. This will help us to reduce the number of accidents on our roads.

Lower speeds will help make neighbourhoods a safer, more pleasant place for local people to live, particularly for our children and elderly.

Lowedges is one of the first areas where we’d like to introduce the 20 mph speed limit in residential areas of Sheffield.

 What will the new 20mph area look like?

The entrance to the new area will have speed limit signs to let drivers know the new speed limit. The area will also have small signs mounted on lamp posts to remind drivers of the new lower limit.

There will be no traffic calming measures such as road humps, as we don’t have the funding available for these.

Why are we doing this?

Reducing the speed limit to 20 mph will mean:

There are likely to be fewer accidents.

People are more likely to cycle and walk.

Anyone involved in a collision is less likely to be seriously injured. You are far less likely to be seriously injured if struck by a vehicle travelling at 20 mph than at 30 mph.

What happens next

 We plan to start the new speed limits in Lowedges in spring 2013.

 Have your say

 If you have any questions or comments please email Simon Nelson or ring 0114 273 6176.

 If you wish to object, please put this in writing to:

Transport, Traffic & Parking Services

2-10 Carbrook Hall Road


S9 2DB

Formal objections must be received by Friday 7 December 2012



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