Posted by: southadmin | 06/11/2012

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

Find out more about who to vote for

On Thursday 15 November, for the first time, you’ll be able to vote for your local Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). This is a new role and the job of the PCC will be to oversee the police and ensure they prioritise what matters to you.

In late October every household will receive a booklet giving details about these elections and how to fill in your ballot paper. You can also download a copy of the booklet at

To find out who is standing for election in South Yorkshire and see information from candidates visit – information is available from 26 October. Or you can call 0800 1 07 07 08 to order printed information about your candidates.

Remember to vote in these important elections on 15 November 2012. If you’ve registered to vote you’ll be receiving your polling card any day now which will give details of your local polling station. To find out more visit



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