Posted by: southadmin | 02/11/2012

A Christmas Celebration of Recovery

A Christmas Celebration of Recovery will be put on in honour of some of the city’s most vulnerable people. Taking place on Monday 17th December at The Mega Centre, the celebration will give people, along with their families, a chance to celebrate their recovery from drugs or alcohol addiction. There will be no Champagne reception or open bar however, as the majority of the guests will be recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. As well as the usual three course meal and dancing, the evening will also feature an awards ceremony highlighting the special cases of success and those who have made significant changes to their lives.

The event is a collaboration between SASS, Phoenix Futures, SHSC, PCASS, CRI, Addaction, Turning Point, the Fellowships and people in recovery. For all of the users of these services Christmas is a particularly difficult time. As the rest of the country is out drinking and having fun, for those in recovery it can be really difficult to join in on the celebrations when so many revolve around alcohol. The services decided to join forces and do something really inclusive and fun for their beneficiaries. Not only does the celebration reduce the risk of relapse during the festive period, it also brings families and the community together to celebrate recovery in all forms.

We will be providing a majority of the tickets for free for people in recovery and their families/friends and charge a special rate for tickets for those who can afford them.

If you want to buy or donate a ticket now or help us fund the event please click the link below.



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