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Amazing Babies


Calling all first-time parents with babies up to one year old and parents-to-be!         


You are invited to join our 8-week Amazing Babies group which is starting on

Wednesday 3 October 2012

at the Little Greenhouse Nursery, Gresley Road, Lowedges

 from 11.45 – 12.45 

For further information, please contact:

Lisa Longford                     241 6968

Laura Norris                      237 8724

Carole Adams                     274 9512

Phil Eddyshaw                    241 6968

 Or speak to your Health Visitor

                  What is it about?

Week 1 – Introduction: Being a Parent

The first session is all about setting the scene for the rest of the course, and to ask you what YOU want from the course.  There’ll be chance to meet the group leaders and ask any questions.  Oh – and bring your red book!

Week 2 – Where Is The Instruction Manual?

A chance to explore the reality of being a first-time parent, looking at the good – and the not-so-good – bits (though there’ll be chance to solve those!)

Week 3 – I Say I Say I Say, It’s All Child’s Play

Looking at how babies learn, with a focus on speech and language development,  an interesting experiment with a spoon, and a slot on how to create a cheap and interesting toy (Blue Peter eat your heart out!)

Week 4 – Food Glorious Food

Make sure you come to this session a little bit peckish, because there’s sure to be something to nibble this week as we look at diet and recipes guaranteed to save you money whilst providing a balanced diet. 

Week 5 – Safe Not Sorry

This week we’re looking at keeping safe in the home, and we’ll be giving you some freebies to help.  

Week 6 – Breathe Easy

We suggest you wear something loose and comfortable for this session as we look at keeping our hearts and lungs healthy. You might even work up a sweat!

Week 7 – Stay Healthy, Feel Good 

Early First Aid / common childhood illnesses – and how to deal with them. 

Week 8 – Now what?

Looking back at how the course went, what you might want to go on to next, and a chance for you to help us to improve the course for the next group



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