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City-wide Small Grants Fund

The purpose of this fund is to support a strong, diverse and successful city by making available grants up to £2,000 to groups and projects that want to make a difference (with members from across the city).  It is open for applications until 8th October 2012. 

We are particularly keen to fund small voluntary, community and self-help projects run by and for local people that help to:

  • Encourage volunteering through group-based activities;
  • Promote a successful city by reducing social exclusion and inequalities;
  • Promote community cohesion;
  • Promote community well-being and active citizenship.

The Fund is not aimed at private or public sector organisations, individuals or large voluntary sector organisations.  By large we mean organisations that have an annual turnover above £30,000, run their own premises or have a number of paid staff.   If you are a larger organisation you should consider applying to our Voluntary Sector Grants Fund.

In your application you will need to show that your project or group:

  • Has been set up by local people;
  • Involves at least 15 – 20 people in group-based activity;
  • Aims to tackle a particular issue or need in the city;
  • Provides a community benefit that is not purely social or hobby-related;
  • Has a co-operative, partnership or self help approach.

 We will prioritise activities that:

  • Benefit the welfare needs of people who are at risk of social exclusion;
  • Promote integration and greater understanding between people of different backgrounds and cultures;
  • Encourage people to be involved and active in the city by volunteering, shaping and influencing services and developing new skills. 

If you are interested why not check out who can apply.

If you are unsure about your project and want to discuss it further contact us on 273 4631 or email and we will be happy to help you.



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