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Re-let at Target Rent consultation

What is ‘re-let at target rent’?

The government has said that councils have until 2015/16 to bring rents into line with housing association rents, which are generally higher. Council rents have therefore been subject to annual increases which move them closer to the ‘target rent’ level.

We have the option to start letting vacant properties at the target rent early (from 2013) and we want to know your views on this.

The benefits to you. 

The extra income the council receives from this (about £750,000) would be spent on council housing. 

Any drawbacks? 

New tenants and tenants who move home between now and 2015/16 would potentially pay more rent up to 2015/16.

How much more? 

The average difference between current rents and target rents is currently £3.74/ week and in over three quarters of cases a new tenant would pay less than £5 per week more than the previous tenant.  The difference in rents would decrease each year as other tenants’ rents rise faster until there is no difference by 2015/16. 

Target rents will still be eligible for Housing Benefit and if you stay in your current home you will not be affected.

Getting Involved

If you would like to know more and let us know what you think, information and questionnaires can be found at

You can also pick up a paper version of the questionnaire from your local housing office.

If you prefer, you can call our telephone line on 0114 29 30566 and we will call you back (for TypeTalk users please call 0114 29 30240). We can then fill in the questionnaire for you over the phone.

We are visiting various tenant forums to get your views, and holding drop-in sessions in the city centre. Please see the website for places and times.




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