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Sheffield Fairness Commision – focus on men…

Hello, my name is Paul Newman. 
I have been invited by the Sheffield Fairness Commission to present evidence on what kinds of inequalities, (problems, challenges, unfair bias) men experience in the Sheffield area. 
To present as wide a picture as possible I would like to invite you to participate in this process, by doing two things:
Firstly, at the bottom of this email are a series of questions which I invite you to answer (please reply to
Secondly, I would like to invite you to attend the public meeting which is being held in The Old Barn, Gleadless Valley Community Forum (near Herdings Park), on Thursday 19th July from 14:00 – 16:00. (Building open at 13:00, please arrive at 13:30 for a 14:00 start – refreshments served throughout. 3 min. walk from Purple Tram & 47/48 bus terminus)
The results of this meeting and your answers will be fed back to the Sheffield Fairness Commission. The Commission was set up by the City Council to look at inequalities in the City and will make recommendations for tackling them. Further details on the Commission can be found at:
Please forward this information.

Many thanks,
Paul Newman (a man in Sheffield).


What do you know, or what experiences do you have about fairness and inequalities with regards to men in the Sheffield Area? 
(For example, access to health care, education, homelessness, employment, mental health, gender stereotyping, rates of suicide, positive discrimination, domestic or sexual violence…)
What do you think the causes of these inequalities are?
Are there any examples from Sheffield, or somewhere else in the country, or in another country that we should think about using across the city?
What is the best way to reduce inequalities and increase fairness in the city?
What should be the top 3 priorities for the city?
Would you be interested in further meetings to support men in the Sheffield area?
And lastly are you able to attend the meeting at, Gleadless Valley Community Forum (near Herdings Park), on Thursday 19th July 14:00 – 16:00

Many thanks for your time.


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