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Money Mangement Project

Money Management Project

The Sheffield Homes Area Boards have funded for a 9 month Money Management Project that is working across the city delivering 1-2-1 home visited intense session looking at income maximisation, budgeting, priority and non-priority debts and how to change utility suppliers to name a few topics.

These visits are made on an appointment basis and during these sessions I am able to assess if addition supported is require. This may be in form of accompanying to help out with renegotiating bank charges, support in opening a basic bank account or referral to the DSU for intense work.

Additional to home visits I have arranged for 15 sessions to be delivered in various community settings. These sessions are 2 hours long with a 2 hour window afterwards for chance of a 1-2-1 chat/work if anyone wants to take any issues further.

The workshops are fun and interactive, no complex maths with lots of practical advice.

I cover the following topics –

Basic Bank Account

  • looking at how to open/ the forms of ID require/ how to improve ID
  • the different types of account available i.e. saving/BBA/current
  • why might you get charges

Affordable credit

  • what is affordable credit
  • SheffieldCredit Union
  • Unaffordable credit – door step lenders/loan sharks

Priority and non-Priority Debts

  • What is a Priority and non-Priority Debt
  • Consequences of non-payment of Priority debts


  • Why we have it – Pros and cons
  • Sheffield Homes policy


  • What is a budget
  • How to draw one up
  • What should be included
  • Why we need to budget

Saving Energy

  • How to change suppliers
  • Potential savings
  • Money saving/energy saving tips
  • Keeping warming

 Grocery shopping and taste test

  • Down branding
  • Super market layout/psychology used by supermarkets i.e. layout, smells, colours, lighting etc
  • Tips to save money

 For more information please see attached poster



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