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Sheffield City Council – Use Your Vote

Use Your Vote 

On Thursday 3 May you will have the opportunity to vote in local government elections and to vote in a referendum on how Sheffield City Council is run. 

What is the referendum about?

The referendum is taking place because Parliament has decided that the 10 largest cities outside London should have a referendum.   The referendum will give you the chance to choose one of the following options on how you would like Sheffield City Council to be run.  

 1) By a Leader who is an elected Councillor chosen by a vote of the other elected Councillors – this is how the Council is run now.

2) By a Mayor who is elected by voters – this would be a change from how the Council is run now.

Whichever of these two options is chosen by the majority of voters will be the way Sheffield City Council is run in the future. 

Are you registered to vote?

If you’re not registered, you won’t be able to vote. Most people register to vote using the form that the Council sends to each household every year. If you are not on the electoral register currently (you may not be registered to vote if you have moved house in the last few months), you will need to complete a voter registration form and send it to the Electoral Services to arrive by Wednesday 18 April.

You can find out if you are registered to vote, or request a voter registration form, by contacting the Electoral Services by telephone on (0114) 273 4093 or by emailing

Everybody who is registered to vote will receive a poll card by 9 April 2012.  Find out more at


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