Posted by: southadmin | 16/03/2012

BBC Community Garden Show

Community Gardening Show

The BBC are looking to transform outside spaces for deserving causes.  We are looking for communities that have an outdoor space they would love transforming.

This could be anything from a community garden, an empty space, a vandalised area, a roof garden or anywhere that is in desperate need of a revamp and would benefit the local community.  If this sparks any thoughts of an area or organisation you feel could really benefit from being involved in this programme then please email me.

In your email I would appreciate it if you could include a few details about location, the people involved and any pictures (if you have them) to 


 I’ve attached the questionnaire that we are asking people to fill out to give us more information about the projects.  If you would like any more information then please do not hesitate to contact me.

 All the best,

 Cassie Simpson, Assistant Producer,  

T: 0207 449 3269 | F: 0207 586 7153




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